A whole new way of looking at your data

Are you looking for basic project management on your Windows Mobile Pocket PC? Do the solutions you've looked at seem too bloated or complicated? Do you just want to get organized and make sense of your Information? Well we have a plan for you... Introducing a Whole New Way of Looking at Your Data. Project-ing!

Organize all your Outlook data into Projects and Sub-Projects. Link files, programs, even hyperlinks to these projects for reference. Create project plans and carry them out with greater ease now that you are organized.

Project-ing was designed to run along side your existing Pocket Outlook programs including the built-in Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts or next to the Full Fledged PIM replacements such as Ulti-Planner, PI, AF, PB, or others... The innovative design of this product actually can make those products more useful as well.



Project-ing 1.0